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My name is Angela Tong. I was born in 1995. With a multi-cultural background, I am an EU / Belgian citizen with settled status in the UK under EU settlement scheme, as well as a Hong Kong permanent resident. Coming to the U.K. at the age of 15, I immersed myself in the atmosphere of this country and became instantly connected with the study of Art. All these influences give me a broad perspective and make me open-minded to many variations manifested by artists from different eras and backgrounds. I firmly believe that visual language can be more powerful than words. I graduated in 2018 July at UAL Wimbledon College of Arts, BA Fine Art Painting. My primary interest is to comprehend the commercialization of art. That gave me an impetus to finish Art Business Foundation and Placement at London Sotheby’s Institute of Art in 2019. Furthermore, I gained insight at Tristan Hoare Gallery during my first placement. I was also an administrative assistant at the Career Team of Sotheby’s Institute of Art. To my immense pleasure, I was invited in spring 2019 to participate in the student charity show at Sotheby’s Institute of Arts London. My painting ‘Out of Mind, 2018’ was sold at £1005 during the auction.

My works centre around healing, with the focus on the atmospheric relationship between sky and sea. I am always dedicated to combining the imagery and the narrative of a certain moment to create a fantasy world in an abstract and expressionist way.




Art has played a significant role in my life since a very young age. Throughout my childhood, I was always driven by a strong curiosity towards nature and its interactions with humans, which I wanted to replicate through my art. Connecting humans with nature is the mantra of all my works, according to which I strive to blend the earth’s natural phenomena with the human life cycle. In this regard, my artworks exert the physicality of colours and the infinite ways in which they can applied onto a surface, by combining abstract and expressionist elements of style to represent the world in its natural form.

Through my work, I identify nature as a necessary “therapy” for us to free our minds and return to our primary instincts, thereby inviting my audience to recall certain memories, scents and tastes that nature has brought to their lives. The constant alternation of colours is a fundamental aspect of this theme, as it allows me to depict all the elements of human life that become indelibly marked by a particular colour. 

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